Ceiling Fans


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Like hunter ceiling fans… they are great!

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any house and/or rooms. They can really add a great accent to the design of a room. Hill Electric has installed thousands of ceiling fans all across the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Thermal. When choosing a ceiling fan you might want to keep the following things in mind:

Choose the correct ceiling fan for the room. First, realize the size of the fan that will fit into the room. Fan blades come in all kinds of textures and colors. If you have a tropical flare in the room certainly look for fan blades that reflect the room design.

Also, consider how much light you might want your fan to put into the room. There are fans with soft lighting and others with bright lighting, so if you desire, you can read by the light output. The right fan will make your room feel more comfortable and add some great aesthetic interest all at the same time!

The height of your fan is also important. You need to make sure the fan height is optimal not only for the room, but it can also affect the amount of air the fan moves. You can always consult with the manufacturer of the type of fan you are considering.

Control options for your fan is the next thing to consider. Fans can be controlled in various ways; switches, chains, and even remote control. Some of these choices are made for you by your selection of the type/model of fan you choose. Take a look at all the major manufacturers like Hunter Ceiling Fans, Casablanca fans, Hampton Bay etc.

Finally, it’s easier to have a professional electrician like Hill Electric assemble and install your ceiling fan the correct and safe way.

Hill Electric has installed many of the major types of fans, for example:

Hunter Ceiling Fans.
– Casablanca Ceiling Fans.
– Emerson Ceiling Fans.
– Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans.
– Fanimation Ceiling Fans.

Most of the major manufacturers have common features with each other but many of the designs really do offer things that are special like Hunter Ceiling Fans. It’s always good to research the type of fan and the features before purchasing.

If you have any questions about ceiling fan installation please give us a call at (760) 772-1770 or use our email form on the right side of the page.