Electrician Services: Installing an Attic Fan


What are the benefits of installing an attic fan?

Attic Fan
Attic Fan

1) The first benefit is that the attic fan can help lower the living area temperatures of your home! If you install an attic fan it will move the hot air trapped between your roof and the top of your ceiling. By moving this hot air out, you can save a lot of expense on your air conditioning costs. You see, in an attic, temperatures can push up to over 150 degreessolar attic fan Fahrenheit with even moderate outside temperatures in the 80s! Vents that you see in the attic do help, but nothing like a good attic fan to save you money on your electric bill!

2) Attic fans will also help extend the life of your roof. Most people don’t know that moisture in your attic is one of the most critical problems that can shorten the life of your roof. Where does this moisture come from? Your regular household activities like showering and cooking can create moisture that is trapped in the attic without a fan. Eventually, this moisture can cause mold and we all know what happens then. Attic fans move this moisture out before it can create a problem; at least in most cases.

3) As we mentioned, lowering the living area temperature is worth looking at just a little closer. It’s a fact that attic fans can help reduce upstairs temperatures in your home by over 10 degrees F. These reductions in the living areas can sometimes mean a, now get this, 30% in your AC bill! Attic fans have thermostats that kick on when the attic is hot and turn off when it's not. When the temperature gets above 100 degrees F, the fan comes on automatically so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off. Attic fans can also be solar, so you can possibly reduce your electric bill even farther.

As you can see, there are several good reasons to consider an attic fan installed by Hill Electric. Good electrician services should always help you install things that save you money or increase the curb side appeal of your home. Just give us a call today at (760) 772-1770 or use our email form on the right side of the page.