Landscape Lighting Palm Desert CA


Landscape Lighting Services Palm Desert CA

Whether it’s for fun or for safety, when you hire Hill Electric, Inc. for a landscape lighting job, you can be confident that the end result will be attractive, sturdy and effective. Here’s a look at our different options for landscape lighting in Palm Desert, CA:

  • Security lights: Keep your home or business extra safe and secure by having our team install security lighting in your front or back yard. When anyone comes onto your property, they’ll be instantly illuminated for everyone to see. This alone is enough to drive many thieves and other intruders away.
  • Motion sensors: In a similar vein, motion sensors also take your exterior security to a higher level. When it comes to protecting your home or business, you want the very best. That means you’ll want to hire Hill Electric, Inc.
  • Photo cell control: What if you could have an outdoor lighting system so intelligent that it changed as the lighting outside changed, ensuring that you and your
    Landscape Lighting Palm Desert CA
    landscape lighting by Hill Electric

    guests always enjoyed the perfect level of light? This might sound like technology from the future, but the truth is that it’s a system of lighting that Hill Electric, Inc. could start installing in your backyard next week.

  • Dusk-to-dawn and automatic lights: Keep the party going all night long with these fun and useful custom outdoor lighting features. Hill Electric, Inc. uses only the best equipment and brands when setting these features up for you.
  • Light timers: Help the environment and cut down on your monthly electric bill by having these hassle-free timed lights installed on your outdoor property.
  • Decorative LED lighting: Trendy LED lighting is perfect for decorative outdoor lighting. Use it to add a stylish and functional element to your fountains, outdoor kitchens and BBQs.

Hill Electric is an expert in this field and has tons of experience above all the other electrical companies in the Coachella Valley!

If you have any questions about our landscape lighting in Palm Desert, CA, please get in touch by calling 760-772-1770.