Eight signs that you need a qualified electrician

You need a qualified electrician NOW
Flickering lights: You need a qualified electrician NOW

 When do you need a qualified electrician?

It’s not always that obvious.
Here are 8 signs that you need a qualified electrician.


  1. You have lights that flicker. The simplest part of this is that if a bulb is flickering you might just need to replace the bulb. However, if after replacing the bulb it still flickers, you might have a wiring or light fixture problem. Time to turn off that light and call a qualified electrician.
  2. Tripping circuit breakers. They are there for a reason and that is to keep you safe. If you have tripping breakers then there is definitely a problem and that can be very dangerous situation. Time to make that call!
  3. At any time you get a shock from an appliance or when you are plugging in an appliance. Socks can not only kill you they can lead to a house fire. Really NOW is the time to call that qualified electrician!!!!
  4. If you should hear a “buzzing” sound and you know you don’t have bees in the house… that buzzing sound might be caused from wires too close to each other or the insulation wearing off. Time to make that call NOW!
  5. If you have any electrical outlets that show signs of discoloration or black/burn marks on them. Don’t use them and make that CALL! This type of issue can lead to a home fire and or even shock death!
  6. You smell something burning and you know you’re are not cooking! A burning smell isn’t good and you need to make that CALL RIGHT NOW!
  7. If you notice any heat around plug sockets or light fixtures. You can even have issues with plug in appliances like a blender. When you use the blender does it get really hot? Time to make that call and not for fixing the blender but rather checking the outlets. Make that CALL.
  8. If you should ever see sparks from wall sockets, fixtures or the like, it’s time to make that call to your qualified electrician.

In closing, if you should have any doubt what so ever, be save and give us a call. We can look to see what is going on and we do offer free estimates to fix your electrical issues.

burned outlet You need a qualified electrician NOW
Discolored or burned outlets…You need a qualified electrician NOW
You need a qualified electrician NOW
Burned out light fixture…You need a qualified electrician NOW

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