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The proper way to clean up a broken CFL

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How to clean up a broken CFL light bulb

Prior to cleaning up the broken bulb

  1.    Evacuate all people and pets from the room.
  2.    Open windows and doors to air out the room for 10 minutes.
  3.    Make sure to turn off your AC or Heater for the house.
  4.    Prepare the following materials:
    1.    Cardboard or stiff paper.
    2.    Sticky tape.
    3.    Wet wipes for hard surfaces or damp paper towels.

How to clean the CFL broken light bulb

  1.    First, DO NOT USE YOUR VACUUM CLEANER! Vacuuming can spread the mercury powder or even the argon powder left behind in the broken light bulb.
  2.    Use the cardboard to clean up the broken glass and powder. Place this into a jar with a tight lid or into a plastic bag with a good seal.
  3.    Use the tape to clean up any leftover powder you can sweep up.
  4.    Again place all clean up materials into a sealable container.

Post Cleanup

  1.    Promptly place all cleanup materials including vacuum bags if you did have to use it to get all the powder up.
  2.    Put the cleanup materials outdoors in a protected area until you can dispose of them properly.
  3.    Check with your local government, city etc. for disposal requirements. If there is no government or state restrictions on disposal then check with your trash service provider.
  4.    If at all practical continue to air out the room for as long as possible or that makes sense. At least let it air out for several hours.
  5.    If you have any questions about clean up you can always contact your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222


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