Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician


There are many reasons to call for an emergency electrician. One of the most common reasons is for a faulty circuit breaker. This has many issues connected with it too! If you are tripping your breakers in the electrical panel, there is surely something wrong, and you need to get that taken care of or risk an electrical fire!

Circuit breakers, besides getting old, can be overloaded with new appliances that require more current than the older ones. This is very common as houses grow older; thus it’s always best to have a qualified emergency electrician come and take a look at your electrical panel to suggest any upgrades. It’s very common that over time people's need for electricity outgrow an older electrical panel.

As murphy would have it, just when you need all your appliances operating at the same time, bam… there goes the breakers. So, before any special event at your house where you know you will have the AC on, electric oven cooking away, blenders, microwaves… all working in concert, you might want to have Hill Electric visit to see if your electrical panel is ready too. No reason to mess up a special event with breakers popping off and special plans interrupted.

The next most common thing for an emergency electrician to fix are faulty electrical outlets. Aging wires inside your walls over time can melt away their plastic insulation; which can result in a fire or smoke coming from the wall socket. If this should happen go out to the breaker box (electrical panel), find the breaker for that circuit, and turn off the breaker. Then, call Hill Electric for help with this hazardous situation.

Finally, if you have outside security lights that have stopped working, this can also be very problematic. You might not be able to see your way from the car to the house and stumble over something. Hospital bills can be very expensive too. Also, criminals like to work in the dark, so don’t allow that condition to continue if you can easily call Hill Electric to get your security lights working again. Adding landscape lighting can also enhance your landscape as well as keep more light around your house for security.

If you have any questions about your breakers or electrical panel, please give us a call at (760) 772-1770 or use our email form on the right side of the page.