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Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting

The first benefit is LONG LIFE! LEDs are very different compared to standard lighting. LED bulbs have a fantastic operational lifetime of up to 100,000 hours of operation! This is something approaching 11 years of continuous use!

Second, they are extremely energy efficient. They convert about 80% of the electricity to light and compare this to a standard bulb which wastes 80% of the energy! The traditional light bulb operates at about a 20% efficiency which again, translates into an 80% loss of energy. Because of the inefficiency and waste of a standard light bulb it will cost you a lot more money to operate one in comparison to LED lighting.

The third benefit is that they are ecologically friendly. LED lights are completely nontoxic and that makes it Eco friendly for sure. It can actually help you reduce your carbon footprint by 33% by using LED lighting and this is a big step toward a greener home and future.

The fourth benefit is known as “Durable Quality”. LED light bulbs are so durable that they can withstand a little rough handling and still survive nicely. LED’s by nature have a high shock resistance and even do well in harsh weather; wind, rain, etc. They aren’t subject to many of the same environmental factors that affect standard bulbs. 

LEDs have no UV emissions. This makes them ideal for places that are sensitive to UV emissions like museums, art in your home, and even archeological sites. Very cool that they don’t emit any UV light at all. So, if you have artwork or the like in your home, consider an LED first and foremost to protect your valuable artwork.

Create the mood! LEDs can be made into any shape possible, thus creating highly efficient illumination. LED illumination is already being used in airplanes and LED home lightingclassrooms to create the mood you may want to have in those spaces. Why not consider some LED mood in your home?

LEDs have a larger operational temperature range when compared to standard light bulbs. LEDs are great for cold or hot operations. They are a wonderful asset for outdoor illumination and actually work best in cold weather. So, with the temperature swings found in the Desert, LEDs are an ideal choice to use for your landscaping or indoor lighting.

Focused light. LEDs are meant to “focus light” onto an object, thus really accenting the subject. Well-designed LED illumination can deliver far more light to a desired location.

Bright light right now! LEDs deliver 100 percent of their capability instantly when compared to standard bulbs that take many seconds to brighten up. This can be really great in a security situation or a time when you need to see …. Like right now!

Finally, they use low voltage. This means not only a cost savings, but is fantastic for both indoor/outdoor usage. It’s about performance and energy savings when it comes to LED lighting.

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