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How to do a Google Review

google-logoHow to do a Google review

1. Open a browser window
2. Go to
3. Once there sign in on the right hand side if you have a Gmail account. If not they you will need to create one. If you need an account just hit “sign in” and you will see that you can create an account. It’s free. Once you have your Gmail account then sign in to
4. Once signed in you will want to go to
5. Once there in the upper left hand window you can search for businesses to write reviews.
6. Put in the search box Hill Electric Inc, Washington Street, Palm Desert, CA.
7. You should now be on their Google local page. At the bottom right of the page you will see “Write a review”. Press that button.
8. You will have a form so you can score them with “star ratings” and put in a written review.

yelp-logoHow to do a yelp review

1) Open a browser and navigate to
2) Once there either sign up for an account, it's free, or log in.
3) In the yelp “find” search box put in electrician palm desert and in the "near box" put in Indio
4) You will be on a page that has Hill Electric there, as well as some others so find their business and click their business.
5) In the upper right hand side of their business page is "write a review"
6) Click that and write the appropriate review also with “star rating” that you think is appropriate.

That’s it....
If you have any issues you can call Peter Brusso 714-931-8123 or email him for help.