Recessed Lighting Types


Recessed Lighting

What is recessed lighting and why should I be interested in having it installed in my house? Recessed lighting can really accent your house and save you money at the same time! Recessed lighting is the best way to show off things at your home or just make a room “pop”!

Here are the major benefits to recessed lighting:

- Cost Efficient: Most recessed lighting contains extremely energy efficient electrical parts which function on lower voltage thus saving you money.

- You can install them almost anywhere! Where you might ask? Virtually any ceiling, sloping ceilings, almost any flat surface, under stair ways, showers, patios, porches and yes, even underwater!

- They are customizable too! These are called trims and we have a list of them following. In short you can make the lighting match almost any lighting design desire.

- Fantastic functionality: you can use them to accent features on walls, ceiling to really bring accent to those things special to you! You can even use them to “set the mood” of a room or space.

- Finally they are unobtrusive: because most of them are installed on a flat surface you really can’t see the fixtures themselves. All this means is that you can use recessed lighting to showcase other things in your living space and make those a focal point of the room dynamics.

If you currently have recessed lighting that needs repair we can do that too!

What are the Kinds of Recessed Lighting fixtures?

There are many different choices for recessed lighting trims; from the standard adjustable baffle trim to the damp resistant shower trim. When designing your living space, make certain to consider the lighting functionality, layout, and desired light result for your house. Custom lighting can really accent your home!

Adjustable Trims - Also known as eyeball trims, adjustable trims enable the user to adjust the light direction any way they would like. Great for quickly directing light to any desired area or emphasize a specific aspect of your property.

Reflector Trims - As opposed to the baffle trim, the reflector trim is actually meant to intensify light. The reflective trim lining reflects the light making you max lumen outcome for your application. These types of are really terrific for high ceilings or spaces requiring maximum lighting output with minimal fixtures.

Shower Trims - Shower trims have actually a specially made rubberized gasket that prevents water and moisture from seeping right into the ceiling space. These trims can also be used outside, in driveways, or any other area where moisture damage may be definitely a problem.

Baffle Trims - Notice the ridges on the within the baffle trim. These ridges really function as a light diffuser in order to soften light output as well as help soften any kind of glare from your recessed fixture. Baffle trims are really terrific for lower ceilings to generate a softer, more comforting light.

Wall Washer Trims - Wall washer trims make use of an adjustable half-cone design that is perfect for accentuating a certain wall structure, architectural design or art work below. Wall wash trims are definitely terrific for smaller spaces because when utilized properly they can add importance to upright features which makes the eye perceive the area as larger.

Pinhole Trims - Pinhole trims are cut in a way that is meant to make the light shape an even more precise light beam. These are actually outstanding for task concentrated lighting as well as drawing awareness to a display case or even additional feature in your house.

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